Rory Surtain

Indie novelist, editor, and self-publisher. 

Devious dark energy comprises the vast majority of this universe. There will always be more challenges.

Currently working on the soul-twisting epic fantasy saga of the Demon in Exile and the dystopian, coming of age, sci-fi bender Psyker.

"Surtain has skillfully created a world where readers are irresistibly engaged." - BookTrib

'Surtain’s creative worldbuilding will dazzle fans of the genre.' - Publisher's Weekly BookLife Reviews


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Surtain, 2022

About the Author

Rory Surtain is an indie novelist growing in all aspects of writing, editing, and publishing. Having fallen in love with much of the wide world, he has settled on the Gulf Coast of the USA, tracking hurricanes, swimming through floods, and biking along the bayous. A few decades of being creative in the world of high-tech has led to freedom in the form of fitness, Texas gin, and full-time imagination.

An avid cloud photographer, art collector, and long-time reader of Historical, Sci-fi, and Fantasy Fiction, Surtain is in it for the art, the escape, and the chance to entertain. 

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Latest News

Releases and other events.
July 04, 2022
The Hiveworlds Novels Launch!

On Amazon, B&N, Google Play, KOBO, Apple, etc.

June 06, 2022
Vigil Storm - 
The Saga is Complete!

Rolling out on Amazon and B&N, Book #9, the FINALE to the Demon in Exile Saga, takes you on a wild ride.

Mar 06, 2022
Storm Sister - 
Released this week!

Available on Amazon and B&N, Book #8 switches the view away from Ara Storm and shows what it's like to be a Storm Sister.

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