This dystopian science fantasy novel "will dazzle fans of the genre."
—Publisher’s Weekly

"Surtain's piece masterfully poses the reality of how smoothly and quickly we can cross over into a version of ourselves we barely know." 
—Reedsy Discovery

PSYKER available July 4th, 2022!
Coming-of-age, dystopian science fantasy fiction. 

In the distant future, densely populated hive cities rely on ancient technologies and rigid laws in order to endure.

Paric Kilhaven, a scion of a noble House, navigates the darkly alluring world of his city’s underhive, hoping to escape the fate of an outlawed psyker. Rival gangs and chaotic forces align against him in a fight for the planet’s survival. 

The first of several standalone novels, all appropriate for Adult and Young Adult readers.
Dark and dystopian but not graphic or gratuitous.
PSYKER is AVAILABLE NOW via Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, and B&N.


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